Personalised Suitcase Red with White Initials

Personalised Suitcase Red with White Initials

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CABIN - Size: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.

Weight: 3.4kg. Capacity: 52 Litre*
MEDIUM - Size: 68cm x 45cm x 26cm.

Weight: 4.1kg. Capacity: 80/91 Litre
LARGE - Size: 78cm x 52cm x 28/32cm.

Weight: 5kg. Capacity: 95 Litre



1 each of the above

Cabin Medium Large


CHILDRENS - Size 435 x 290 x 205mm 



2 year warranty

TSA lock Fitted as standard (Transportation Security Administration )

Manufactured using 100% lightweight polycarbonate

8 swivel wheels for complete freedom wheeling the case

Standard Carrying handles to Top and Side in addition to Extendable Handle for ease of movement

Compartmental Interior